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"Ah, Jaejoong-ah. I see you have returned. I was getting worried about you~ "

'Jaejoong-ah?' He raised his eyebrow at the female, even if he could hardly care about formalities at all— It was fun to make her feel guilty anyway. 'Shouldn't that be Jaejoong-ssi, you think?’ 

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Taeyeon glanced up from the ground, her eyes narrowing slightly as they focus on the facial features of the male. For several seconds, she is struck with how familiar he looks, and not long after a pleased smile spreads across her lips as she successfully matches her memory and her company. "Ah.. Jaejoong-ssi, wasn't it?"

An eyebrow was raised at the silence that fell when the female looked up at him, even if he was perfectly well capable of reading her mind. When the question rung in Jaejoong’s ears, the corners of his lips curled up into a dark grin, and he shook his head at the other’s words. “Wasn’t it?” he repeated, as he lips already parted to continue speaking. ‘It is rather rude to be unsure about something like that, dear. Don’t you think so?’

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No class? *she raised an eyebrow at you as she looked at you from head to toe* My ripped and blood covered hoodie has more class than you.And you seem really,really ignorant so far.*she flinched slightly at the sudden shove out of nowhere,stumbling backwards before she crossed her arms across her chest* Entrtain you? By doing what? Cry at how horrible your face is? *she let out a slight snicker,her eyes squinting at you*

{/He rolled his eyes at your comment, surprised that you even seemed to find it funny yourself. Honestly, that joke was even older than he himself was, and even back then it had been boring. In any case, he knew he wasn’t ugly anyway, so the comment was completely irrelevant.} Not really, no. Entertain me by jumping into the water and killing yourself, haven’t you been paying attention at all? Saves me from doing the dirty work myself.

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